do me bambi.

^This is important. (doesn't mean youcan't ship tho ;) )

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#this is such a perfect example #of how careful zayn is with liam’s thoughts and feelings #because liam is so genuinely excited about his idea #he’s so earnest and enthusiastic #and openly shares that enthusiasm without reservation #and where someone else could so quickly and easily ridicule liam #for either the content of his idea or his unabashed excitement #zayn does nothing of the sort #and even though he’s an admitted picky eater #who probably would never choose to eat either of those things #he meets liam halfway #and counters him gently #so mindful not to dampen his enthusiasm #but basically saying ‘nah not for me’ #without rejecting liam entirely because liam needs to feel valued #I LOVE THEM SO MUCH BYE

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  • "i have that picture above my bed now. no, i don’t have a house. [laughs]" x
  • "i’m gonna pull up in the ute and then go home to - uh. go home to my…self." x
  • "if i’m out i’ll go to the shop. tesco home delivery though, it’s great." x

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